Tammy Monroe is a visionary, innovator, and change agent entrepreneur. The founder and CEO of Working In Progress, Inc (WIP) Youth Achievement and Development program, Gray Global Innovation Consulting (GGIC) and Wheelhouse Innovative Network (WIN).

Tammy is an advocate for quality and global education. She enjoys working in the community and building relationships with businesses and other organizations around the world. She believes it is part of her purpose to work to provide opportunities and resources to help further youth achievement and development. Through my nonprofit Working In Progress, our program focus on youth achievement & development. Tammy takes the approach of innovative education to include social-emotional, cultural awareness, multinational, interconnected and global readiness. Tammy strives to inspire the youth she works with to expand their knowledge of life and education as they discover the greatness within. Her passion is to train and coach a new breed of future entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow. Youth receive the guidance they need to reach financial responsibility, and better quality of life and independence. Through her services and programs, she is “Building Bridges to Possibilities”.

Tammy’s for-profit, GGIC and WIN, is 100% minority woman-owned small business, with over combined 15 years of experience in the non-profit and for-profit sector. The businesses have a network of support services in areas of new startups, Educational Tools, Operational/Administration Management, Growth Assessment, Forecasting, Mentorship, Coaching, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Training and Facilitation, and Business Development.

Tammy was the first President for the Akron Urban League Young Profession (YP’s) Akron Chapter. She is the past Co-Program Chair for the Northeast Ohio National Black MBAA 2011-2012; Co-Program Chair for the National Black MBAA Leaders of Tomorrow Youth program; current Co-Chair NAACP- ACT-SO Youth Program; Participated in United Way Project Blue Print 2008 Alumni; Who’s Who Black in Akron 2013, Honoree of the Ohio Black Women’s Leadership Caucus 2014; Power Networker to Watch Award 2011; Eric Gardenhight Memorial Community Service Award 2017 – YMCA, East Akron YMCA 2016 Volunteer of the Year; East Akron YMCA 2017-2018 Campaign Chair; East Akron YMCA Board Member 2017-2019; Khol Family YMCA Advisory Board member; Ladies First Akron Board Member.

She is a member of The Links Incorporated – Kent Area (OH) Chapter. She is the youngest of 4 children. Tammy attended Western Governors University where she is studied Business Management and Leadership Develop. Tammy is currently working to finish her bachelor’s degree in Human and Social Services. With a heart to server, she believes this is the direction God is guiding her and it will advance her passion in wanting to make a difference and change lives for the better.

After 4 years as a student-athlete Kenneth graduated from Miles College (05), a prestigious HBCU in Birmingham, AL. While attending, Miles Kenneth did an internship at “The Black Family Channel” in Atlanta, GA. He also volunteered with his basketball teammates visiting and reading to local elementary school students.

After receiving his B.A. in Mass Communications he was able to successfully play 2 years post grad. 2006 in the International Basketball League (IBL) and 2007 visiting South America and The Middle East. During his time in the IBL he began to substitute teach with Akron Public Schools and unknowingly found his passion. In 2008 he was hired as a Bullying Prevention Specialist where he would work for 3 years.

During that time he was able to build bonds and connections with students and decided to obtain a Master’s degree in education which he received in 2011 from The University of Akron. His Master’s degree has a behavioral support concentration which led him to working with the Emotionally Disturbed population in Akron, OH. Mr. Smith spent 9 years as a Behavioral Intervention Specialist and increased the high school graduation rate by 25% for the students he serviced.

In 2018 he accepted the position as the Restorative Practices Coordinator where he would focus on reducing suspension rates and building climate within the building. Mr. Smith is also a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (101 Assessment.) This assessment is used to measure cultural competence and also provides a plan of action so that results are measurable. Outside of education he is the Executive Director of Ladies First Akron Inc a 501c3 organization founded in 2010 that works to build character and self-esteem in young ladies in Akron, OH. The non profit organization boasts a 100% 4 year graduation rate compared to 78% of public school girls in Akron, OH while focusing on physical and mental well being.

In 2020 Mr. Smith became a self published author releasing a book titled “We Love Our Daddy” that focuses on the importance of fathers being present in the lives of their family. Mr. Smith is a champion for equity and is planning to continue to impact education by highlighting issues that our young generation face. He believes that if empowered they can provide the solutions that we desire moving forward.







Dr. Glover is a servant of education, committed to equity and inclusion. Throughout her career in education, Dr. Glover has worked as an educator, administrator, and also within Human Resources. Asa Disrupter, Dr. Glover’s experiences reflect a common thread of one common theme: ensuring access and opportunities for marginalized groups of people.

During her time as an educator, Dr. Glover supported students learning in self-contained units, as a result of behavioral concerns and emotional disabilities. She recognized the inequities faced by students placed in her classroom and worked to provide her students more equitable learning opportunities, where students were able to experience teaching and learning with peers.

As Dr. Glover transifioned into her role as an administrator, she remained dedicated to standing for equity and inclusion among students, teachers, and colleagues. She developed programs to support peer-to-peer mentorship, book clubs for educators within the building, alternative to suspension programs, and parent groups to support building initiatives. All the while, Dr. Glover supported colleagues with the process of reflecting on instructional practices and strategies to grow both students and educators.

In 2017, Dr. Glover earned her doctorate degree in Urban Education, from Cleveland State University. With an emphasis on Policy and Planning, Dr. Glover has transferred her learning into reimagining the ways in which we socialize future teachers (current students and pre-service teachers), and in-service teachers. Within her more recent role as a Recruitment Manager, Dr. Glover continues to develop innovative systems and processes to recruit and retain underrepresented populations of people in education.

Dr. Glover is also a former Division I athlete, playing semi-professional basketball for several seasons. Her experiences as an athlete led her to coach and train youth for twelve years. During this time, she also began a boys AAU basketball program, to provide youth from urban communities the opportunity to compete without the financial burden to commit. Through AAU programming, Dr. Glover was also able to provide players with educational support needed to advance as a student-athlete in college.